April 16, 2013

Just keep running...

After hearing and seeing what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday I spent much of the afternoon heartbroken. No I was not there. But one of my good running buddies did run the race. Thankfully she is safe and unharmed.

 My mind began to flood with thoughts of fear and anger. I kept thinking "Now they are taking road racing away from us too?!?" I am not The President, I am not a motivational speaker and I am not a person who has made some huge important contribution in my life. But anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am a runner. It is part of who I am.

 I began running at the age of 11 and except for times when I have been physically injured I have tried to run almost every day of my life. I am 35. I can't imagine how many miles or minutes or breaths I have taken while running. But why? Why is it so important to me? I guess you would have to be a runner to understand this one. Or maybe just imagine the one thing in life that bring your mind, body and spirit in complete peace with each other. This is what happens when I run. Some of my best thoughts, my best prayers and my closest connections with my creator happen while I am running.
Running represents pure freedom to me. My mind is free to wander, my body is free to move and my spirit is free to feel the presence of God.Running has prepared and taught me some of the most difficult lessons in life. It's about commitment, sweat, pain and pushing through to the other side of victory

.Some of the easiest and best friendships I have ever made came through running. There is something unique about running alongside someone else for miles on an open road or trail. As you settle in to a pace, it's as if some of the barriers of your heart also fall away and you are able to talk about deeper issues and struggles you may be having in life. I have often felt much closer to running partners than other friends I have in life. It is because of these unique experiences we share together. The many faces, the many places, the beautiful scenes and the many conversations we have side by side.

It is for these reasons that for me running means joy. And because it is joy I will not let someone else replace it with fear. I am making the choice to continue to live my life with joy. I will run until my legs and body will no longer let me. And then when I am no longer able to run on earth I will hold on to the dream of running in heaven. I will run the race and I will run the race as best as I can.

 I applaud all the runners who made that huge commitment to train and run in the Boston Marathon. I pray for all of those affected, who lost their lives or limbs by some stupid,cowardly act. I will continue to run the races set before me in life without fear. If we live in fear than evil wins. And evil is not going to win. I hope to see all my fellow runners our on the roads racing!
Happy Trails to YOU!