August 29, 2013

San Diego Children's photographer

When thinking of a party theme for Ashlynn's 9th birthday we knew it needed to be colorful, happy and full of creative life. Because that's who she is! : )
We decided to do a Rainbow art party.
The treats included rice krispy treats made to look like dipped paint brushes! : )

The cake with something very special inside....
Colored sodas and mustache color straws for our guests.

A bounty of colorful candies including a "guess the number" gumball jar for winner to take home!

The birthday girl is ready to celebrate!!!
Each guest got a canvas and set of paint brushes.


Our little outdoor studio : )

 The painting has begun!


I love that my daughter painted a kitty cat with a moustache! : )
We have some amazing beautiful artists!

I "moustache" you a question!
And finally the "reason" for all the work that went into the party- the priceless expression on Ashlynn's face as her friends sang Happy Birthday before diving into a rainbow filled cake!